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Boxes, Dish Savers, Mattress Bags, Packing Supplies

All Your Extra Attic locations generally have the following moving supplies to make packing and storing your items easy. We sell moving boxes, bubble wrap, mattress bags, dish savers and special boxes for mirrors and wardrobes. In addition, we also have items such as packing tape, chair covers and moving blankets. Pretty much everything you are going to need to pack up, load up and move into your new Your Extra Attic Storage unit. Prices and inventory may vary by location. Please call or stop by your local Your Extra Attic location for up to date inventory and pricing.



Box Prices

wdt_ID Box Size Price
1 Small $2.00
2 Medium $2.75
3 Large $3.25
4 X-Large $3.75
5 Lamp Box $4.25
6 Dish Pack Box $10.50
7 Wardrobe $11.00

Mattress Bag

wdt_ID Bag Size Price
1 King $4.19
2 Queen $3.59
3 Full $2.99
4 Twin $2.49
5 Chair Cover $3.95
6 Drop Cloth $1.78
7 Couch Cover na



Ask about our bundle pricing and our 100% buy back on unused boxes!

General Purpose Boxes

wdt_ID Size By The Box Volume Amount Volume Pricing
1 Small $2.25 25 or more $2.00
2 Medium $3.00 15 or more $2.75
3 Large $3.50 15 or more $3.25
4 Extra Large $3.75 10 or more $3.50



Special Purpose Boxes

wdt_ID Size By The Box Volume Amount Volume Pricing
1 Dish Barrel $2.25 None None
2 Dish Barrel with Cell Pack $13.00 None None
3 Dish Saver Kit with Box $11.00 None None
4 Glass Pack Kit with Box $11.00 None None
5 Lamp Box 14" $5.50 None None
6 Mirror/Picture Box $6.50 None None
7 Wardrobe with Bar $14.00 None None
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